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Scale Your Business With Us And Increase Your Income!

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Step 1. Join!

Get started with our simple application. Filling it out only takes a couple of minutes and we get a better understanding of who you are and what you’re all about.

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Step 2. Promote!

Once accepted, grab your affiliate link and get to work! Recommend products in a trustworthy way and get paid.

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Step 3. Get Paid!

Once you reach the payment threshold of $200 or more, request a payout and GET PAID! Request frequent payouts or save up and take a money bath if you want!

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The Do's and Don'ts - but not in that order.

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Don’t use pushy, unsolicited or “spammy” marketing tactics.

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Don’t use deceptive, misleading or “click-baity” tactics to promote products.

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Don’t promote irrelevant products. Pay attention to your target audience.

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Do build a trustworthy relationship with your audience.

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Do recommend or promote items that you know and you trust.

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Be personal. Be creative. Give them a reason to visit your link!

Affiliate Application Form:

Affiliate Registration
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Do you represent a company?
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I understand that Simple Nerd Needs does NOT allow Pay per click/impressions advertising and retains the right to suspend my affiliate account/commissions if I use such methods:
I understand that the minimum payment threshold is $200 and I look forward to GETTING PAID!
By clicking I agree you confirm that you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is there an application process? Don’t you guys want every opportunity to make money?

Our reputation means more to us than some quick cash. We are selective in who we choose to operate as an affiliate for our brand. We do not allow people to use their own affiliate links nor do we allow pay per click/impressions advertising. These things can damage the brand, discourage trust in customers and propagate a “spammy” atmosphere. We don’t want any of that junk attached to our reputation.

Are we paid in cash or is this one of those “store credit” affiliate programs?

Pfft. Store credit. Cash is KING baby! We pay you guys in cash. However, if you want to go spend some of that cash on the same products you are recommending, who are we to say no?

What are the commission rates? 

Brand new affiliates start with a commission rate of 5%. As they generate more conversions and continue honorably recommending products and/or services we provide we increase the commission. If we’re earning more thanks to you, why shouldn’t you earn more too?! Right now the scale goes up to 20% on most products, with some having higher conversion rates. 

What determines the commission rates? Which stuff gives higher conversion?

In short, anything produced in which we still rely on a POD (print on demand) partner to manufacture we cannot afford to go over 20% commission while offering occasional sales. If we did, it would literally start to cost us money to sell the majority of those items. Digital products and some custom art projects have higher conversions because they may take more time but they have less overhead.

Okay but, like, some other places with similar products go up to 30%?

We are always open to exploring ways to increase affiliate payouts for our most valuable affiliates. But unlike some other affiliate programs we like to offer things for our end-users too. We like to give sales for our customers and we try to keep our prices low and competitive. So, while we are not arguing the commission rates may be a little lower sometimes – we intend to help you guys, and us, generate more sales and conversions. Better prices means more sales. More sales is more commissions. More commissions is more money for you guys than less commissions at a higher rate.

Well how do we climb the scale to get that juicy 20%?

If you are out-performing as an affiliate while maintaining our expected level of trust and non-spammy promotion when we review our affiliates we shoot you an email and let you know you’re doing great and we’re upping your commission rate. We’ve yet to have an affiliate complain about us wanting to give them more money.

What if I don’t have much time but still want to climb the scale?

Consistency is key. Yes. Unlike with other affiliate programs, it is possible to climb the scale even with only a conversion or so a month. If you are consistently recommending our products and services and making conversions those will count toward increasing your scale. It takes longer but most affiliate programs don’t reward loyalty, just productivity. We want to do both. If you feel like you have been doing pretty good for a while then let us know. We will manually review and may come back with some good news. No harm in asking, right?

What happens if I don’t make the $200 threshold? Do I lose it?

Nope! We have no specific pay terms or requirements like some affiliate programs. Your commissions roll over and continue to roll over until you claim them. If your account goes inactive for a period of 6 months we might send out a search team for you. If they don’t find you within another 6 months (12 months total) we may determine you died. But even THEN you can reach back out to us and we can restore your account and the commissions you had saved up. 

Okay, but why a $200 threshold in the first place?

We want our affiliates to be serious. There is some serious earning potential here. Affiliates who show they mean business and refer customers to us in an honorable and trustworthy way will move up an internal scale and make more money! This threshold also helps us to avoid the more “scummy” types of affiliates who want to grab a quick affiliate link and think they can go spam it out to any and every source they can then sit back and earn big. You serious affiliates know that it is an amazing way to make money, but it’s never that simple. 

What if I refer someone and they don’t buy, but go back later and buy?

No stress! Your affiliate link comes with a 60 day cookie. So if they come back even up to 59 days later and buy, you keep your commission. Pretty cool, right?

How often can I request a payout?

Assuming you have reached the payout threshold you can request a payout once in a 30-day period. Once a month.

By applying to become an affiliate you confirm that you have read and agree to both the Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

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