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Scale Your Business With Us And Increase Your Sales!

Get Started in 5 Simple Steps:

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Step 1. Apply

Get started with our simple application. Filling it out only takes a couple of minutes and we get a better understanding of who you are and what your business is about.

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Step 2. List

Begin listing and selling your products. Include features such as descriptions, specifics, images, prices, and more.

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Step 3. Promote

Get your listings seen. Increase viewership on your listings and achieve maximum exposure for your brand and your store. By doing so, interest in your products will soar.

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Step 4. Ship

Ship your orders yourself or leave it up to your POD provider, distributor, or manufacturer. 

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Step 5. Get Paid!

Request a payout and GET PAID! Request frequent payouts or save up and take a money bath if you want!

Vendor Application Form:

Vendor Registration
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Samples may be requested.
Samples may be requested.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it cost a monthly fee to sign up as a vendor?

Not with us, nope!

Okay, so how much do you guys take?

We only take 5%. We have affiliates that help drive traffic to our marketplace and they earn between 5% and 20%. 

How often can I request my payout?

You can request your payout once per month at your discretion. There is a sufficient grace period for each item sold to clear – ensuring the end-user or customer was not forced to return the item. After the sufficient grace period has passed the money is all yours to claim.

What happens to my money if I do not request my payout for over a month?

Nothing at all. It is YOUR money. It will wait for you. If you appear to go inactive after about 6 months we might send out a search party for you. Come back and get your money!

Can I be a vendor AND an affiliate?

Sure! Unlike most programs we are fine with this. You will need to fill out the affiliate application as well. Once accepted you will receive a commission on any conversions made on your affiliate link. However, this will not earn you any additional income on your own products. You receive the same amount of money on your own store products but the income is then derived from two different sources. For example, if you become a top-tier affiliate (20% commission) and sell a $100 product from your store and a $100 product from our marketplace you’ve made $200 worth of conversions. You will receive $20 from our $100 marketplace item and $20 from your own store item as affiliate income. You receive $75 in vendor income from your product ($100 -25%: 20% affiliate commission and 5% dues to Simple Nerd Needs). So yes, you can increase your income streams and potential but it does not increase the income generated on your own store products.

What do you need all this information for?

We are selective in who we choose to operate as a vendor on our site.

Company address is required for billing purposes, and shipping purposes in cases where the company address is also the manufacturer address.

We may request samples from distributors or manufacturers whose quality has not been verified.

We require the Employer Identification Number (or SSN from sole proprietors) to verify vendor’s identity and for tax purposes.

Email and Phone number are required in case we need to reach out. We traditionally reach out via email. Phone number is used in case we do not receive a prompt response or in case the situation is of a high priority nature.

By applying to become a vendor you confirm that you have read and agree to both the Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions
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