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About us:

This site was founded by Wifie and Hubster.

Both Wifie and Hubster are self-proclaimed nerds. Different kinds, but still nerds all the same.

Hubster is a gamer nerd and Wifie loves arts and crafts and they share a love for Anime.

We made this site as a space for nerds to come together.

Hubster has lived in Japan. Wifie has lived in Mexico. Both of them love to travel.

Hubster’s gaming repertoire is massive and he enjoys all kinds. He highly prefers online games because “offline games offer a finite challenge.” He favors MMORPGs but has spent a significant amount of time playing pretty much every genre. Most games he plays he also streams on the WifieandHubster YouTube channel.

When asked what Hubster’s favorite games are he responded: “Old school console? Anything in the Final Fantasy and Tactics Ogre series. Offline? Anything in the Fallout series (especially 1&2), Elder Scrolls series, and the Divinity Original Sin series. Online? Most well-developed MMOs. Tabletop? Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering.”

Wifie is a teacher. She is currently a computer lab teacher while she finishes her early childhood education degree. She loves crafting. She is artistic and enjoys making things with her hands like needlework, painting, drawing and building projects. Whenever she can she involves her classes in her crafts too.

In addition to teaching Wifie enjoys creative cooking, spending time with her friends, going to the gym and yoga, traveling, donating her time to help others and spending time with her family.

Together Wifie and Hubster have a son and he is shaping up to be a pretty amazing nerd too!

We appreciate you reading!
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